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Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    Is your home wifi is getting slow and this make your frustrating. So today tips is for you to boost your home wifi with latest tricks and this very responsive tricks i'm sure after apply this tricks your home wifi boost with better response.For some people, there is a basic requirement in the form of wifi power and running water. Most Internet service providers install the original modem / router which are dropped in the corner. Here im telling some usefull tips to boost your home wifi.

    • Better placement: Keep it at the center of the house
    Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    This is the easiest way to improve wifi coverage. Most users want to place their router in the corner of the house (usually near the window). Although this wire reduces chaos, it also limits your wifi range because the wifi signal is Omni-directional.

    The ideal place to keep the router is in the center of your home so that it also provides a coverage throughout the house. Try and keep wifi router at eye level or higher - this improves signal power. 
    So keep the router away from the other interference device (cordless phone base station, other router, printer, microwave oven).

    • Limit the number of devices

    Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    Friends and family come to the party and do not want to share their primary wifi password? Simply enable guest network with a different, simple password on your router. Log in to your router's admin settings and below the wireless tab, you will see the option of guest network.

    You can give a name on your network, set a password, and also limit the number of users connecting to the network. In addition, some router also gives you the option to block and delete a connected device if you feel that it is embracing all bandwidth.

    Once your party has finished, you can disable the guest network - thus no one will be able to know the wifi password of your home and you do not have to worry about your network without any permission

    • Try using a USB router

    Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    Take a look at the ports on your router. If you see a USB port, your router can do more than just broadcast wifi signals.Depending on your router model, USB port can be used to connect to external hard drives (this will be available as network storage for all connected devices on wifi, which makes sharing content easy ) Or to connect the printer (this printer will print wireless and share it to anyone on the network)

    • Change your wifi password regularly

    Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    Have you ever changed your wifi password? It can still be the same basic password when it was first installed. You can share passwords with friends during the party and your neighbors may have a password too. This means that someone can steal your wifi, which makes slow speeds and increases your monthly limitations rapidly. The best way to avoid this is to change your wifi password regularly - once in 6 months, most users should be sufficient.

    • Repeaters: Better range

    Boost your home wifi with these simple tricks

    Unless you live in a room or studio apartment, a router provided by your ISP will not be able to provide coverage through the house. You can swap the current router for more powerful but using repeaters is an easy and inexpensive way. It takes a wifi signal from your router and 'repeats' it to improve the coverage area.

    The easiest way to connect WPS method repeater is to Enable WPS on the router and press the WPS button on the repeater. Everything is automatically configured in just one minute.

    If you have an old (but functional) router that is lying around, you might also be able to use it as a repeater - although some settings in the settings page require it.

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