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Borderlight Live Wallpaper (APK)

Borderlight Live Wallpaper (APK) – Add Colorful Edges to Android’s Screen  

Borderlight Live Wallpaper APK app gives Android devices a unique personality by adding colorful screen edge highlighting. Download Borderlight APK from below, install it according to the instructions and enjoy!

From the early days of Android, not every Android feature is trapped around. But there are some of them that we accept today because they are on Android because nobody can remember. One of those widgets, which separates Android from everything present there. The second feature is a live wallpaper which is no longer unique to Android. However, the Live Wallpaper option on Android is still not behind anyone. If you want, you can also set GIF as a live wallpaper. Live wallpapers can actually make your Android device lively. Today we have the specialty of the Borderlite Live Wallpaper (APK).

The credit for developing this unique live wallpaper app goes to the XDA member dax105.

Borderlight Live Wallpaper

The border, which has been given the appropriate name, simply illuminated the limits of your performance with a multicolored edge light. Between the least enthusiasts, there is a lot of hatred on notches. Ask someone on the road and they may in some way understand this as a "feature". For Dax105, Slim Bezals and the notch on OnePlus 6 presented the opportunity to showcase their skills. And the result is Bordered Live Wallpaper.

I am following the development of this live wallpaper because it was released for the first time. First of all, it was very bare and there were no optimization features. It was a black screen with flashing boundaries. Thickness of border light was preset and live wallpaper was onePlus 6 exclusive.

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