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How to speed up your pc run faster

How to speed up your pc run faster
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    How to speed up your pc run faster ? There are a lot of factors that can drag down your computer, from compatibility issues, bugs, malware and viruses, and even failing hardware. Thankfully, you sluggish PC doesn't necessarily need replacement; there are some simple software and hardware tweaks you can make to put some pep back into Windows 10 — and most of them are free!

    In this article i'll give you 15 tips to speed your pc and improve performance from lag, bugs of computer whether it is running on new hardware or older hardware.

    • Disable startup applications
    • Remove unnecessary applications
    • Choose applications wisely
    • Reclaim disk space
    • Check computer for malware
    • Install latest update
    • Drive updates
    • Software updates
    • Change current power plan
    • Disable system visual effects

    • Disable startup applications

    On Windows 10, you can quickly disable apps running on startup using the Task Manager:
    • Right click the taskbar.
    • click on task manager.
    • expand you task manager by clicking on more details.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Click on startup section.
    • Check the Startup impact column to figure out apps that are negatively impacting performance.
    • Right lick the app and select disable option.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Restart computer.

    • Remove unnecessary applications

    You should always consider uninstalling bloatware and those apps you never use to increase system performance:
    • Open settings.
    • Click on apps.
    • Click on apps and features.
    • Select the app you want.
    • Click the uninstall apps.
    • If you're removing a Microsoft Store application, click the Uninstall button again to confirm. If you're removing a traditional desktop app (win32), follow the on-screen directions to finish uninstalling.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    After completing the steps, you may want to restart your device to make sure the app is gone, and then you should see a difference in performance.

    • Choose Application wisely 

    Poorly designed applications and those loaded with unnecessary features can negatively affect performance. And just because an app comes from a well-known brand doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good app.

    How to speed up your pc run faster

     Whenever possible just install apps from the Microsoft Store, which have been checked for performance and security. If you can't find an app you need in the Store, only then download alternative apps from trusted web sources, and make sure it's been designed for the version of Windows you're running.

    • Reclaim disk space

    If you have a reasonably new computer, and you begin to notice that apps, file copying, and other tasks take longer than usual, one of the possible reasons could be that you're running low on space. Typically, this becomes noticeable after using around 70 percent of the storage capacity.

    One way to keep storage under control is to use tools like Disk Cleanup to delete junk files from your computer to reclaim space:
    • Open file explorer.
    • On this pc right click the primary system drives and select properties.
    • click the display option.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Clean the cleanup system files.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Select the files you want to delete to free up space.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Click delete files
    Once you've completed the steps, if you were able to free up enough space, you should be able to see a boost in performance.

    • Check computer for malware

    Check computer for malwareaSometimes the reason your device is running slow is not Windows 10 or an application, instead, it's a malware that has taken over your machine.

    Viruses, spyware, adware, and other types of malicious programs are known to take up a lot of the processor, memory, and disk resources making your device unusable.

    The best way to deal with viruses and other malware is to clean up your system with an up-to-date antimalware solution.

    On Windows 10, you can use Windows Defender Antivirus to scan and remove malware from your device:
    • Open Start.
    • Search for windows defender security.
    • Click on virus and threat protection.
    • Click on advance scan.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Select the full scan options.
    • Select the scan now button.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    In the case that Windows Defender Antivirus doesn't start, isn't able to update its definition, or has problems completing the scan, the chances are that your computer is infected with an aggressive malware. In this case, try to use the offline scan feature to remove it.

    • Install Latest Updates

    To check updates, do the following:

    • Open Settings.
    • Click on Update & Security.
    • Click on Windows Update.
    • Click the Check for updates button.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Device drive updates

    If your computer is running slow as a result of a compatibility issue or poorly designed driver, you may be able to resolve this problem by updating the device driver manually.
    • Open start.
    • Search device manager
    • Expand the device category for the device you want to update.
    • Right-click and select Update Driver to check for updates.
    How to speed up your pc run faster
    • Click the Browse my computer for driver software option.
    How to speed up your pc run faster
    • Under "Search for drivers in this location," click the Browse button to select the folder with the newest device driver.
    How to speed up your pc run faster
    • Click next.
    • Click close.

    • Software update

    Outdated applications can also cause your device to run slower, and most of the time, this is due to bugs or compatibility problems with a new version of Windows 10.

    While apps you install from the Microsoft Store can update automatically, most traditional desktop apps need to be updated manually.

    If an application is causing performance problems, it's a good idea to visit your software support website and follow their instructions to download and install the update to improve your system performance.

    • Change current power plan

    Windows 10 ships with three pre-defined power plans, including Balanced, Power saver, and High performance to optimize the power usage of your device. If you're looking to boost performance, you should be using the "High performance" option, which allows your computer to run faster.

    To change the current power plan on your device, do the following:
    • Open control panel.
    • click on Hardware and sound.
    • click on power options.
    How to speed up your pc run faster

    • Disable system visual effects

    To disable animations, shadows, smooth fonts, and other effects, do the following:
    • Open Control Panel.
    • Click on System and Security.
    • Click on System.
    • Click the Advanced system settings link from the left panel.
    How to speed up your pc run faster
    • In the "Advanced" tab, under Performance, click the Settings button.
    How to speed up your pc run faster
    • On "Performance Options under Visual Effects, select the Adjust for best performance option to disable all the effects and animations.
    How to speed up your pc run faster
    • Click apply.
    • Click ok.
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